Coding standards examples

Many companies have internal coding standards to help software teams be more consistent in their development work. Here are several coding standards available online to serve as examples for groups looking for a standard.


  • US Air Force – F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • JPL – C coding standard
  • MISRA – Main site, C coding standard available for purchase
  • Wikipedia – Overview of MISRA coding standard/rules
  • – Overview of MISRA C coding standard
  • EmbeddedGurus – Discussion of whether it is worth demonstrating full compliance to MISRA standard
  • EmbeddedGurus – Collection of articles on coding standards topics

Tips for safety critical code from JPL

Gerard J. Holzmann with the Laboratory for Reliable Software at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been a frequent contributor to IEEE Software on software development topics. His paper from 2006 on
rules for developing safety-critical code are good advice for anyone working on avionics or medical software applications (via Ward Cunnningham). Denis Radin (@PixelCommander) has also applied these rules to Javascript development.


Apollo software engineer gets Medal of Freedom

In November 2016, President Barack Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Margaret Hamilton, who was director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Lab in the 1960s. Her team was responsible for the development of the Apollo Guidance Computer software. Margaret is a pioneer in software development/engineering, this is a well-deserved recognition.

Quote from Margaret Hamilton:
“From my own perspective, the software experience itself (designing it, developing it, evolving it, watching it perform and learning from it for future systems) was at least as exciting as the events surrounding the mission. … There was no second chance. We knew that. We took our work seriously, many of us beginning this journey while still in our 20s. Coming up with solutions and new ideas was an adventure. Dedication and commitment were a given. Mutual respect was across the board. Because software was a mystery, a black box, upper management gave us total freedom and trust. We had to find a way and we did. Looking back, we were the luckiest people in the world; there was no choice but to be pioneers.”


  • ABC News – video of presentation
  • MIT News – Announcement of award, short bio
  • MIT News – Brief history of photo of Margaret Hamilton standing next to printouts of Apollo Guidance Computer software
  • MIT News – Reminiscences 40 years after Apollo 11
  • Quartz – Article on Apollo Guidance Computer software
  • Github – Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.


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