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Welcome to the River4 Resources Page! This page contains links to videos and information on setting up and using the River4 feed reader by Dave Winer.

What is a “river of news” feed reader?

Dave Winer describes it as a display of items in reverse-chronological order. If you use Twitter or Facebook, this is the same way that tweets or news are presented.

What are the benefits of using a feed reader?

  • You decide the sources for your news and information
  • See the most recent news first
  • Organize your sources in different groups (or rivers)
  • Create rivers for any information source that has a feed
    • Blogs
    • News sites
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Bargains
    • Auction items
    • Search results
    • ….

Why should you use the River4 feed reader?

  • River4 is open source – free!
  • You can use it locally on your PC or Mac
  • You can run it as a web service
  • You can make your rivers accessible to anyone on a web site or subdomain of a website

Where are some examples of rivers being published on the Web?

Here are several to show what you can do with River4:

How can I get started with River4

  1. Do-it-yourself

Use my free seven-video course on how to set up the River4 feed reader on a local PC, how to setup River4 to run on a hosted service and how to interact with the River4 feed reader on a hosted service.

If you like following a written list of instructions, the River4 blog has instructions for setting up River4 on a Mac, setting up for a PC is similar.

More resources:

2. Get some help

If you would like to have River4 set up for you on a hosted service, contact me! For just $50 if you have your own domain name ($70 if you need a domain name), you’ll get the following:

  • Complete setup with no work on your part
  • All account information
  • User instructions to help you make the most of River4!

Contact me at andy@andysylvester.com if you are interested!


What are you waiting for? Get started with River4 today!

Questions: Contact me at andy@andysylvester.com





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