Using app from Jon Udell to annotate web audio

I linked to a Jon Udell post on Sunday where he describes his recent experiments on annotating audio files available on the Web. It looked so good that I had to try it to annotate a podcast!

His app is at I then needed to find a URL to a MP3 file, which took a little bit of searching, since a lot of podcast play pages are not a direct link. Finally, I settled on an extended cut episode of Side Hustle School.  I hovered over  the “Listen Here” link for episode 12 and saw that it was a link to a MP3 file. I copied the link address and pasted it into the url text box in the Jon Udell app. Next, I entered a start time and stop time for the clip (from 1:00 to 2:00) in the selection boxes on the app page, then clicked the button “Play clip”. The app then started at 1 minute in and played for 1 minute – excellent! Finally, I clicked on the link at the bottom where it says “link to av editor with these settings” to get a URL for my clip. Now you can listen to it as well!

Thanks Jon!

We have great tools to create – are we creating great things?

I have been following Doc Searls’ account of the podcasting conference at Columbia University this past weekend. It is fascinating stuff – I wish that Columbia would have made these presentations available online – maybe they will at some point. My takeaway is that there is a lot of diversity in podcasts (subjects/formats), that there is no controlling silo (although many bigger podcasters seem to worship at the Temple of iTunes…), that there are a lot of podcast gems out there but it can be hard to find them (discoverability), and that like Sturgeon’s Law says, there are a lot of low-quality (my euphemism) podcasts out there, but hopefully through experimentation, better podcasts will arise.