Minimal River.js Reader v0.11 – adds filtering of the feed river

Minimal River.js Reader – Version 0.11

I made some updates to add filtering of the river used in the app. The user can enter a one word search term to filter the results of the river. For example, if you wanted to find all items that had “Obama” in the title or body, you can enter “Obama” (no quotes) in the text box and see the items with that term shown. The search is case-insensitive.


As before, you can check it out on my site as well as on Github!


Minimal Rss.js Reader - Web app to read RSS feeds encoded in JSON

Minimal River.js Reader – Read feeds in River.js format #indieweb

Figuring out microformat support in the Selfoss feed reader

After Aaron Parecki added microformats support for the Selfoss feed reader, I immediately subscribed to my site.  However, I did not see my feed – what? I was running WordPress with two plugins to add microformats support, but something was missing, so I did some investigating…

The first thing I did was turn on debugging in Selfoss by setting the logger_level in my config.ini file to DEBUG. I was able to see that the reader was reading my posts, but it looked like the date was wrong:

03-23-14 16:30:00 Debug item “HOWTO – Setting up the Selfoss Feed Reader with microformats support” (1969-12-31 17:00:00) older than 30 days

I did a view-source, and saw that there was a “datetime” value, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. I then used the microformats parser at and looked at parsed values for several sites supporting microformats, and noticed that my entries did not have any “published” items. I then checked the microformats wiki for h-entry, and saw that I needed  a “dt-published” class in the time tag.

I then tried to add this through modifying my uf2 plugin, but did not have any success. Finally, I did a search for “time class” in my theme files and updated all of those files, adding the “dt-published” class. Once I uploaded those theme file updates, I was able to start reading my microformat feed!

Interested in reading microformat sites? Give Selfoss a try!