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First Steps in Using IndieAuth

IndieAuth is an alternative authentication system to OpenID. It allows you to use your own website as a login mechanism. My first step in using IndieAuth was to be able to log into the IndieWebCamp website. I checked the HTML for my Bio widget, and saw that my links to Twitter, Github and LinkedIn had the proper rel=me links per this IndieWebCamp page . I was then able to create my user page.

I then followed the instructions at to allow users to sign into my website. To set this up, I added a Text widget with the following text:


After moving the widget to just below my Bio widget, it looks like this:


I then tested this with my domain ( I saw that I was able to authenticate with one of my social network identities, but then I was directed to some other page that did not mean much to me:


I then clicked on the link within the page, but it took me to the IANA main site – ugh.


Finally, I installed the IndieAuth WordPress plugin and repeated the above steps from my form, and saw the same results. However, I saw a difference in my WordPress login page after activating the plugin:



I entered my domain and was able to authenticate, but then got a message that I did not have an account associated with that website. I will have to look more into this topic.


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  1. @andysylvester99 yes I looked at that as was unable to make it work. Also tried logging into your site, went OK but dropped me into
    i know it works on so might be work looking into how they do it. They seem to redirect to


  2. Hi Andy,
    Did you have managed the issue with account association on your website? I am stumbling over the the same.


  • Hi Andy,
    Did you have managed the issue with account association on your website? I am stumb……

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