Javascript Sorting - Example 6

Advanced sorting

This page demostrates the use of a comparison function with the Javascript sort method. The function will perform a sort on the item element in two objects in the array.

For more information return to the article "Sort Your Data with Javascript".

Example code

// Define objects for test
var testObject1 = {item: 5, note: "aaa"};
var testObject2 = {item: 4, note: "bbb"};
var testObject3 = {item: 3, note: "ccc"};
var testObject4 = {item: 2, note: "ddd"};
var testObject5 = {item: 1, note: "eee"};
// Add objects to testArray
testArray[testArray.length] = testObject1;
testArray[testArray.length] = testObject2;
testArray[testArray.length] = testObject3;
testArray[testArray.length] = testObject4;
testArray[testArray.length] = testObject5;
// Create a comparison function to sort on the item element in each object
function compareItems(a, b) {
return a.item - b.item;
// Sort all objects in the array using the comparison function
# Original Items Original Notes Sorted Items Sorted Notes