Tone.js Experiment #001

This application uses the Tone.js Javascript library to play pitches using the Web Audio API. The user interface uses the NexusUI Javascript library.

When you click on the "Play" button, a series of tones will play. The pitches are determined by calculating a Schillinger resultant (see this article for more background on resultants).

A resultant is calculated by using two numbers (major generator and minor generator). The major generator should always be greater than the minor generator.

You can change the major and minor generator values using the sliders (the value is set to the integer portion of the slider value). For example, 5.3 would be 5. Changing the slider values will change the number of pitches and their value.

To hear the sequence again, refresh the page, then click the button again.

To see the numbers in the resultant array, open the Javascript console. They will be printed after the "Play" button is pushed.

Source for this app is at Github