Figuring out microformat support in the Selfoss feed reader

After Aaron Parecki added microformats support for the Selfoss feed reader, I immediately subscribed to my site.  However, I did not see my feed – what? I was running WordPress with two plugins to add microformats support, but something was missing, so I did some investigating…

The first thing I did was turn on debugging in Selfoss by setting the logger_level in my config.ini file to DEBUG. I was able to see that the reader was reading my posts, but it looked like the date was wrong:

03-23-14 16:30:00 Debug item “HOWTO – Setting up the Selfoss Feed Reader with microformats support” (1969-12-31 17:00:00) older than 30 days

I did a view-source, and saw that there was a “datetime” value, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. I then used the microformats parser at and looked at parsed values for several sites supporting microformats, and noticed that my entries did not have any “published” items. I then checked the microformats wiki for h-entry, and saw that I needed  a “dt-published” class in the time tag.

I then tried to add this through modifying my uf2 plugin, but did not have any success. Finally, I did a search for “time class” in my theme files and updated all of those files, adding the “dt-published” class. Once I uploaded those theme file updates, I was able to start reading my microformat feed!

Interested in reading microformat sites? Give Selfoss a try!