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Fixing the archives link in the Copyblogger theme

After I installed the Copyblogger theme, I noticed that the “Archives” link in the header of the page did not display the archives for my site. I reviewed this article which talks about adding links to the header navigation area, but it did not have any information on my problem. After some searching, I found a comment on the main Copyblogger site which had the details I needed:

  1. Create a page
  2. Enter whatever you want in the title, but do not enter any content
  3. Select “Archives” from the Page Template dropdown menu on the right
  4. Enter “archives” (without the quotes) in the Page Slug field, which is also on the right
  5. Save/publish your page

After following these steps, the archives link worked!

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I was searching for a while. I’m new to WordPress and couldn’t figure it out. Was just about to edit the navigation bar manually.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the clear explanation (at last) but… I don’t have an “Archives” option in the page template dropdown menu…. any ideas?

  3. Simon,
    I looked at your site, it appears that your archives are working. I checked my Page Template drop down menu and saw “Default Template”, “Archives”, and “Sitemap” as entries. Are you seeing any of those?

  4. Make sure that you configure under Options> Permalinks>

    Custom, specify below and set your permalink structure to:


  5. Thanks for this, it worked great.

    As a sidenote, in version 2.5, the ‘Archives’ option is at the bottom of the page under ‘Page Templates’.

  6. Thanks for this – I couldn’t figure out why it would come up with a 404. Another side note on 2.5 – you have to save the page once before the slug edit option comes up, then you can change it.

  7. Hello,
    I too am having the same problem with the Archive and the About pages. I get 404 errors when they are clicked on. I have been reading through the blog to find out how to remedy this and I have yet to experience success. I followed Andy’s directions, but I do not have a Slug Field on the right side of the window where I added a new page. I’d appreciate any help that someone has to offer. Thank you.

  8. Judy, can you leave a pointer to your site? Also, are you using the Copyblogger theme and what version of WordPress are you using?

  9. I noticed my blog posts weren’t archiving and needed a fix. This post came up first in my search – thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Thanks for a simple, straightforward fix!

    I actually have 2 websites, my WP one is somewhat neglected but I’ll be working on it soon – and finding a dead link really wasn’t helping!




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