Fixing the archives link in the Copyblogger theme

After I installed the Copyblogger theme, I noticed that the “Archives” link in the header of the page did not display the archives for my site. I reviewed this article which talks about adding links to the header navigation area, but it did not have any information on my problem. After some searching, I found a comment on the main Copyblogger site which had the details I needed:

  1. Create a page
  2. Enter whatever you want in the title, but do not enter any content
  3. Select “Archives” from the Page Template dropdown menu on the right
  4. Enter “archives” (without the quotes) in the Page Slug field, which is also on the right
  5. Save/publish your page

After following these steps, the archives link worked!

Welcome to readers!

For those of you who are coming here from my article on titled “Making Perl Reusable with Modules“, welcome! I have continued working with the concepts of Joseph Schillinger that I described in that article. I have created a short Perl script which allows the user to create a MIDI file from a Schillinger resultant. You will need to have the MIDI-Perl and Tk Perl modules installed on your system. The file containing the Perl script is attached to this post as a .txt file. See the file for instructions on how to run the script.


About this weblog

Welcome to Andy Sylvester’s Web! This is a personal weblog which will cover a variety of topics I am interested in. See the Categories section on the sidebar to get a feel for my interests. Welcome aboard!